A contemporary space tucked away at the back of a large office. Situated off direct streets, this space boasts considerable windows that look out onto the Walker Hotel, allowing for the irresistible partnership of direct sunlight, privacy, and little to no noise pollution. If you find you are stressed or uninspired at this office's traditional desk, allow yourself to relax and be swallowed up by its exceedingly plush loveseat.


Welcome working partners, clients, or guests utilizing the many seating options, including an aerodynamic easy chair. Located only steps from 2 bathrooms and just down the hall from a shared kitchen, this office is the definition of comfort.

Amenities include: 

  • Recently upgraded WiFi

  • Controlled central air & heat

  • Ensuite Kitchenette

  • Ensuite Unisex Bathrooms

  • Hardwood floors 



Hourly Rate

2 Hour Minimum

Day Rate

1 Business Day

Weekly Rate

1 Day Per Week (4 Days/Month)

Monthly Rate

4 Weeks